The Broken Angel (weltall) wrote,
The Broken Angel

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The Excitement Builds

Sunday April 5th at the UNO Lakefront Arena

Disturbed + Lacuna Coil + Killswitch Engage + Five Finger Death Punch + Chimaira

WHO'S WITH ME!?!?!?!
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OMG Lacuna Coil????? How much?!
Around $50 I believe. Lacuna Coil also just came out with a concert dvd a few months back. I have, it's pretty awesome. I did not know that you liked LC.
Of course you knew I liked LC! After hearing it on the drive to A-Kon a few yrs. ago, I bought the CD at Hot Topic or something. Silly :-p
hey i don't know how often you read this, but add me. its amanda.
I don't post much of worth very often, but I do check it frequently.
ive noticed that actually. i found you awhile back but there was like three months where i didn't check lj at all. now i check pretty frequently. and i post a lot, though i wouldn't say its necessarily of worth. i just get bored and like to ramble, or vent, you know whatev i'm feeling at the moment.